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Our service is

In line with Government requirements premises should record customers to help the NHS track and trace service.

CTrace.uk is a service enabling you to easily record customers, keep data safe and minimise the impact of this new requirement on your business.


Secure fast easy

Our secure service only stores data in the UK, in an encrypted database, which is GDPR compliant. Our service is fast for customers to use, and easy to setup.

Print Table Cards

A table has a unique ID generated by CTrace.uk. Print them out from our website and place on your tables.

Customers Add Details

Customers scan a QR code (or enters a website address) on their phone and adds their contact details.

Real Time Visibility

Staff can see if customers have registered in real time, so you can ensure compliance with minimal contact.

Customer Tracing

A trace request is made, a manager or licensee can report by date and time on all customers present.
How It Works

The detail

Data Capture

You choose the
information recorded

The customer will enter their name and phone number. Optionally we can capture email address, home address and if required their marketing preferences.

Any captured marketing data is separated from customer tracing records.


Add your

Add your tables on the CTrace website. We may also be able to import the information for you.

Each table is given a unique reference and table card generated by the CTrace website.

Table Cards

Print and
place on your tables

CTrace will generate the unique table cards for you, which include the QR code, the alternative web address and the table reference.

Print out and reprint when required. Place on the tables. We include the table reference on the table cards to help members of staff.


Customers scan QR
code or enter website

Most Apple and Android phone camera's recognise QR codes. When the customer points their camera at the QR code, it will take the customer directly to the website.

Alternatively, they can enter the website directly into their browser, it's a short link to enter.

Real Time Visibility

Check customers
have registered

Before serving the customers, staff can easily check that a table has registered. A simple dashboard shows the number of registered customers.

If a customer is having difficulty registering, a staff member can add the customer details.

When a table is cleared, the staff member can "clear" the registered customers from the dashboard in two clicks, which records them leaving.

Trace & Automatic Deletion

Accurate customer

A manager or licensee can run reports based on date and time to see which customers were on the premises when required.

Data is automatically deleted 21 days after the customer visit, although this can be extended if required.

If marketing data is chosen to be included, this information is stored separately and is available to download.

Customer Trust & Security

Security and Trust for your customers was a key factor in the service

Our service ensures data is encrypted. No usernames or passwords are required by the customer. General staff have no access to the customer tracing data.

Encrypted Database

Our database is encrypted for maximum security

GDPR Compliant

Data is stored using GDPR complaint procedures

UK Data Center

We use secure data centres in the UK

No Usernames or Passwords Required

For customers to have to setup or remember

No Apps or Downloads

Neither your customer or staff have to download an app, which makes it quicker and simpler for everyone

Data Capture

You choose what data to record. We have additional flexibility to record more or less data as required


Data can only be accessed by a manager or licensee. Customers do not have to give their details to staff directly

Get Started

Its secure, fast and easy to setup. Print your table cards ready for your re-opening.

One Site/Premises

per month
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • No Additional Fees
  • No Setup Fees
  • Includes Unlimited Support
  • One Month Contract

Multi Site/Premises

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Flexible Contracts
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • One Account Multiple Sites/Premises
  • Import Sites/Tables
  • Extended Support
  • Flexible Contracts

One Site/Premises

per year (1 Month Free)
  • 1 Month Free
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • No Additional Fees
  • No Setup Fees
  • Includes Unlimited Support
  • 12 Month Contract

Multi Site/Premises

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Annual Contract
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • One Account Multiple Sites/Premises
  • Import Sites/Tables
  • Extended Support
  • 12 Month Contract

All prices exclude VAT. For full terms and conditions please contact us. This service is launching on the 29th and 30th June 2020.

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